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Boost Your Win Rates

Systematically capture and analyze the reasons why you win and lose deals.

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“Companies that do win-loss analysis have seen up to 50% improvement in win rates.” – GARTNER

“Less than 20% of organizations conduct a formal win-loss analysis.” – THE PRAGMATIC INSTITUTE


Discover how win-loss analysis can help you boost win rates and grow revenue.

A Holistic Approach To Win-Loss Analysis

We do an in-depth assessment to understand why you’re losing deals and help you turn your losses into wins.  At every turn, we try to answer the following crucial questions:

⇒ WHO: Who is winning and losing? Which sales reps, teams, or divisions are winning and which ones are losing?

⇒ WHAT:  In what product categories, price tiers, and customer segments are we winning, and are we losing?

⇒ WHERE: Where are we winning and losing in terms of industry verticals and location?

⇒ WHEN:  When do we win and when do we lose as it relates to events, timelines, and budget cycles?

⇒ WHY: Why are we winning? And Why are we losing?

Benefits Go Beyond Higher Win Rates

Sales leaders coach and train their sales teams more effectively.

Product managers hone product strategy and prioritize roadmap with more confidence.

Client success teams can reduce churn by delivering more impactful solutions.

Sales representatives continuously improve win rates with valuable insights on what works and what doesn’t.

Backed by data, executives make better, faster decisions.

Marketing teams will get a deeper understanding of buyer preferences and needs so they can develop content and messaging that truly resonates with prospects.