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Transcend your revenue goals

Leverage our deep insights on Revenue Operations to maximize your sales team’s efforts.

Your Needs

You want to make your revenue targets but don’t know how to formulate and implement robust sales processes and streamlined operations to achieve this.

Our Solutions

We help CEOs and sales leaders of tech organizations meet their revenue goals every quarter.


Then get a fresh perspective on how to build a consistent, repeatable, and data-driven process to grow revenue.

Benefits for the ambitious Sales Team

Pinpoint accurate annual and quarterly forecasting and planning


Develop a sales playbook and organizational alignment that eliminates sales roadblocks.


Build a vision for sales operations, and establish a foundational team for scale.


Drive accountability with key performance indicators. Leverage tools, building dashboards and reports to provide visibility to senior leadership, and drive strategic decisions.

Equip  sales teams with the right strategies, tools, content, and other resources to help them succeed.


Own the quarterly and annual sales planning process; including but not limited to strategic initiatives, productivity drivers, and incentive design.

Oversee the rollout of sales tools, and actively manage them.


Ganesh brings a unique blend of preparation, persistence, and flexibility to his negotiating style. He knows all the angles, all the players, and all the choices the other side might make. He is unafraid to push forward in spite of obstacles but also brings an unusual ability to answer obstacles with flexibility. Getting most of what you want now, with a path to getting more later turns out to be an excellent strategy.

Vanessa Wittman

CFO at Dropbox

I have known Ganesh Tayi for more than 12 years and have seen him close complex deals worth billions of dollars. Ganesh has an uncanny ability to develop creative proposals that meet customer needs and exceed organization expectations.

Ganesh is very adept at analyzing business models, assessing the competitive landscape, optimizing product mix & pricing, and developing innovative incentive programs. He works effectively with internal teams and has earned a reputation amongst his customers for having impeccable integrity.

For advice on closing multi-million dollar deals, I would look no further than Ganesh Tayi – his knowledge and experience are invaluable in closing all sales contracts.

Sheetal Shah

Chief Operations Officer at VeriFone

Ganesh closed several multi-million dollar sales deals under challenging circumstances. His breadth and depth of experience in negotiating sales contracts of a wide range of complexity and scale are tough to match.

Ganesh takes a strategic and analytical approach with every deal to negotiate a win-win outcome for all parties involved. The cornerstones of Ganesh’s success are his aptitude to effectively lead globally dispersed cross-functional deal teams, seamlessly collaborate across all levels of the customer’s organization, secure commitments and sell the deal internally to key stakeholders.

I highly recommend Ganesh for advice on closing multi-million dollar deals as he is very skilled and knowledgeable in consistently closing large sales contracts.

Rudinei Kalil

VP & GM at Motorola