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When large-scale sales contracts hang in the balance, and your company’s future with it, who do you turn to?

For more than a decade, Ganesh Tayi was Motorola’s X-factor to winning multi-million global sales contracts. If anyone knows how to pull a deal out of the eleventh hour, it’s Ganesh.

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Popular Speaking Topics

Master Internal Selling – How to always get internal approval for your deal.

  • Overcome “internal myopia” and its crippling effects
  • How to secure challenging commitments and “exceptions”
  • How to focus on the “right details” that matter to your stakeholders
  • Formulating the right business model to secure internal approval

Critical Strategies CEOs and Senior executives must know to stop losing the deal.

  • The REAL reasons large sales deals sometimes fail
  • How to put yourself in the “catbird seat” in any negotiation
  • The IMPORTANT questions you must ask to briskly close the deal
  • Why the devil isn’t just in the details, but in the “right” details
  • What you need to do right now to increase your win rate

Proven methods to boost your deal size by optimizing product mix, pricing, and deal sweeteners.

  • How to leverage the strength of your entire portfolio
  • Strategies to optimize mix and pricing
  • How to create immense value with strategic, operational and sales-driven incentives
  • Secrets to create exclusive and long-term partnerships with your customer

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Ganesh Tayi

Ganesh Tayi

Author, Speaker and CEO of Never Lose The Deal.

Not many sales experts start off as engineers. But Ganesh did.

Shortly after finishing his MBA, Ganesh secured a senior managerial position where he started negotiating a deal with a large client on his first day at work. He quickly fell in love with the complex processes surrounding high-pressure deal negotiations, thanks to his technical background, and hasn’t looked back since.

Ganesh has helped close over $12 billion deals with Fortune 500 giants like Sprint, Nextel, AT&T, and UPS. As VP of one of the largest and most successful divisions at  Motorola, Ganesh led the global efforts in Strategy, Operations, and Sales. He helped them achieve huge market share gains in the same segment and negotiated multi-year strategic partnerships resulting in over $1 billion in sales.

As CEO of Never Lose the Deal, Ganesh helps ambitious tech companies turn around low sales and low win rates, and create consistent improvements for high-growth. He’s advised companies on the INC 5000 list and shares his insights through coaching, consulting, and workshops. He also speaks with CEOs and sales teams across America both virtually and in person.

All his work is dedicated to helping tech companies with innovative and transformational products make their mark on the world. And that’s why he wrote the ultimate guide on deal negotiation, Never Lose The Deal, a powerful book that reveals why senior executives lose mouthwatering deals and the action steps to become better negotiators.

Transform your sales events and meetings.