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Are You a CEO or a Senior Executive?

Could this happen to your Salespeople?

Your Head of Sales and Sales executives are trying to close a large deal that’ll help you reach your quarterly revenue target. And you’re confident it’s a done deal – in the last sales review, your sales leader said the prospect was happy with their presentation and that your firm was in the final consideration stage. Also, you heard that your closest competitor had presented a substandard offering at a costlier rate. We call this the Kumbaya phase.

A few days later, you get feedback from the client’s contact confirming that your company is the best suited, that she would recommend you for the deal before the board, and that it would surely be awarded to you. This is the Near the Finish Line phase.

But then, a couple of weeks pass by and now you hear that the prospect’s contact has stopped responding. Your sales team has tried all means of communication – calling, texting, emailing, LinkedIn – but nothing seems to be working.

You’re worried that the deal is slipping. Sadly, you’re now in the Crickets phase.

And then, in two weeks, it’s confirmed – the deal was lost! You’re stunned but manage to ask why. The Head of Sales says that your competitor presented a lower bid at the last minute, your product didn’t have a certain feature or tells you some other reason that doesn’t make sense (why didn’t anyone tell you about it earlier?) This is the No Deal phase.


Harsh Reality

What’s really sad here isn’t that you lost the deal and couldn’t meet up with revenue targets. The bigger problem is that this issue is likely to occur again because most companies can’t understand what actually happened behind the scenes.

Most companies usually lose deals at the last minute because a competitor’s CEO met with a Senior executive on the prospect’s side, learned more about the prospect’s needs, and improved their offer. This earns them a higher recommendation from the prospect’s Senior executive, making it easier to close the deal above other firms recommended by other working-level employees.

What can you do to avoid this?

We've got the Answer

Based on the insights we’ve gotten from interacting with many clients over the years, and from studies by reputed firms like Gartner and CEB, there are 3 distinct roles CEOs must play in winning more sales:

  1. Helping sales gain access to senior-level decision-makers in the prospect’s company.
  2. Helping to drive alignment between your sales team and the prospect’s decision-makers.
  3. Leading the analysis of wins and losses, and improvement in sales strategy.

We’ll share these insights, and more, with your team to make them highly efficient deal negotiators who’ll prevent, handle and navigate very tough negotiation terrains.

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