Business Coaching Services

We offer business coaching services to help entrepreneurs scale their business and turn it into a hands-off source of cash flow. Our core values are Uncompromising Integrity, Exceptional Customer Service and Collaborative Work Culture. I have 20 years of experience scaling businesses in the technology industry and leverage this experience along with a proven business coaching system to help entrepreneurs boost profits and build high-performance teams. We guarantee success and higher profits for our clients with the unique combination of our core values, 20+ years of experience and a proven coaching system.

My role as your coach is to bring Awareness of possibilities in your business, provide customized Education in business building best practices and hold you Accountable to achieve peak performance.

We offer business coaching programs to suit established business get to the next level by dramatically upgrading people and processes. We customize our coaching program based on the specific circumstances and needs of your business to achieve Freedom of Choice for the entrepreneur.

Our coaching system is based on 21 Scaling Strategies that address three vital areas:

Money – We help you grow profits and cash flow by implementing an aggressive marketing plan, building a robust sales management system and improve your business planning.

Team – We help you build a high-performance team by implementing best-in-class processes for employee acquisition, retention and operations management.

Time – We help you release your time from the business by implementing a time management plan along with effective delegation.

  • Apprenticeship Plan
  • Operations & Training Manual
  • Time Management Plan
  • Comprehensive Exit Strategy
  • Employee Acquisition Plan
  • Psychometric Profiling Process
  • KPI Measurement System
  • Lean Manufacturing Program
  • Performance Incentive Plan
  • Strategic Plan
  • Leadership Development Plan
  • Team Meeting Rhythm
  • Organizational Plan
  • Team Building System
  • Current Business Plan
  • Break-even Plan
  • Revenue and Profit Budget
  • Cash Gap Plan
  • USP & Guarantee
  • Sales Management System
  • Tactical Marketing Plan