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It’s no secret that, in today’s turbulent business climate, it’s become more challenging than ever to gain a competitive edge and keep it. And when large-scale sales contracts hang in the balance, senior executives face increasing pressure to close deals or potentially watch their company – and career – go down in flames.

For more than a decade, Ganesh was Motorola’s ‘secret weapon’ to winning multi-million dollar, global sales contracts. If anyone knows how to pull a deal out of the fire at the eleventh hour, it’s Ganesh.

Bring Ganesh in to speak with your team and close more large-scale deals, year over year.

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Sales Babble Podcast

by Pat Helmers | Sales Babble Podcast - Interview with Ganesh Tayi

Popular Speaking Topics

Never Lose The Deal – 10 Critical Strategies Every Senior Sales Executive Must Know
  • The REAL reasons large sales deals sometimes fail
  • How to put yourself in the “catbird seat” in any negotiation
  • The IMPORTANT questions you must ask to briskly close the deal
  • Why the devil isn’t just in the details, but in the “right” details
  • What you need to do right now to increase your win rate
Boost Your Deal Size – Proven Methods To Optimize Mix, Pricing & Deal Sweeteners
  • How to leverage the strength of your entire portfolio
  • Strategies to optimize mix and pricing
  • How to create immense value with strategic, operational and sales-driven incentives
  • Secrets to create exclusive and long-term partnerships with your customer
Master Internal Selling – How To Always Get Approval For Your Deal
  • Overcome “internal myopia” and its crippling effects
  • How to secure challenging commitments and “exceptions”
  • How to focus on the “right details” that matter to your stakeholders
  • Formulating the right business model to secure internal approval