Deal Advisory Services

Ganesh offers deal advisory services for senior executives involved in high dollar sales contract negotiations.

The effort to align, analyze and negotiate large-scale contracts is extraordinary. Ganesh understands and he cautions against becoming so immersed in a deal that important details become overlooked.

That’s why he focuses on mitigating risk and expanding opportunities by challenging convention and by addressing the ‘elephants in the room’ head-on.

With his experience negotiating complex high dollar sales contracts, Ganesh will quickly zero in on your blind spots and help you unlock your next deal by:

  1. Increasing its potential: By drilling down into the deal, Ganesh can help you maximize the opportunities and minimize the risks involved.
  2. Overcoming obstacles: There are many internal and external roadblocks you could encounter. Ganesh will help you navigate through them.
  3. Coaching you: Ganesh will show you how to set up your own rock-solid processes and systems so you never lose a deal again

If you want to gain a fresh perspective on how to successfully navigate through today’s turbulent business climate, apply for your complimentary session with Ganesh right now.

Ganesh’s deal advisory services are founded on three core principles – Align, Analyze & Ask:


Aligning internal and external teams requires transformation of your organization’s behavior and deployment of new processes & systems.


The more thorough you are in analyzing the details of your deal, the more effective you will be in maximizing opportunity, eliminating risk and closing the deal.


Engage your senior leadership team throughout the deal negotiations and always ask for help as needed. Asking your customers, the right questions at the right time is crucial to build trust, engage them and briskly close the deal.


To implement these strategies, you will need to influence the organization beyond your own team. This can be challenging to do on your own, but with Ganesh’s expert guidance these strategies can eventually become part of your organization’s DNA.

When you bring in Ganesh onboard you will dramatically increase your chances of saving the deal and maximizing its value to you and your company.


  • You’re not plagued by the fear of getting an unfavorable deal for your company.
  • The thought of losing a deal to your competition isn’t constantly gnawing at you
  • You’ve never felt powerless to overcome constraints coming from within your own company

…Maybe you need a reality check. Don’t wait until you get in over your head. Apply for your complimentary session with Ganesh today to ensure you Never Lose The Deal.